Greece 2012

The country with the endless potential now offers endless opportunities. The current financial status brought about a significant reduction in the prices of land and properties; thus multiplying the chances of making a truly value for money purchase.
On top of that Greece has an excellent infrastructure:
• 45 airports, 15 of which are international
• 520 ports, 12 of which are international
• 680 km Egnatia Motorway on the North connects Adriatic, Aegean and Black Sea
• Attiki Odos ring road in Athens, awarded by International Road Federation
• Rio Antirrio bridge connecting Peloponnese with Central Greece
• Athens International Airport a successful PPP project
In addition, there are a number of major new projects coming up for international tender.
New Public Projects
• New Heraklion Airport
• New Highways
• New logistics center in Thriasio
• Privatisation of regional airports
• Privatisation of railways’ operation
• New Attica Motorways, Cretan Motorways
• Piraeus Port’s investment plan
• Opportunities in the PPP market
New Opportunities In The Private Sector
The private sector is marked by a variety of diverse characteristics that are yielding specific opportunities. Currently, at least 7 shopping centers are in the pipeline. A lack of prime location office spaces, shopping centers and student living quarters points to opportunities in these areas and distressed assets in hospitality sector invite investors to apply the rule-buy low.
Greece is the land of opportunity because:
• Building costs are going down because of the decline in investment in construction.
• Historical data show that real estate pays better than all other investments in Greece.
• The sector proved quite resilient even during the current crisis.
• Despite strong decline in construction activity and transactions, prices corrected moderately.
• New public and private projects are under way.